Digital PET/CT

A diagnostic tool used widely in oncology, neurology and cardiology

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography, PET/CT, combines two different techniques in one scanner, giving clinicians two sets of related information about the body – functional and structural – from one examination.

Our brand new state-of-the-art GE Discovery MI 4 Ring Gen 2 Digital PET-CT scanner is the very latest and most advanced technology available worldwide and the only one of it's type in the UK.

Our GE Discovery MI 4 Ring Gen2 Digital PET-CT scanner takes a series of two-dimensional cross-section images around an axis. Computer processing is then used to construct a three-dimensional image. PET works by detecting gamma rays given off by a radioactive tracer injected into the body. A PET/CT scan requires an injection of a radioactive form of sugar. The injection is radioactive, but only for a short time.

Superior accuracy

Each radioactive tracer is specifically selected by our expert physicians for each individual patient, allowing for the best clinical diagnosis. With specific tracers developed for general oncology, specific oncology (e.g. Prostate), and general neurology or specific neurology (e.g. Dementia, Parkinson’s).

State-of the-art digital technology

New digital technology delivers a superior scanning experience, delivering faster examination times and increased comfort, whilst providing additional scanning capacity and capability using new tracers.

Increased patient comfort

Our entire PET/CT department has been fully refurbished, as well as our new scanner, walls and flooring, we have invested in new patient chairs and trolleys, which are specially designed to reduce pain and ensure patient comfort throughout their visit to ESC Marylebone.

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