A diagnostic tool used widely in oncology, neurology and cardiology

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography, PET/CT, combines two different techniques in one scanner, giving clinicians two sets of related information about the body – functional and structural – from one examination.

Our Siemens Biograph CT scanner takes a series of two-dimensional cross-section images around an axis. Computer processing is then used to construct a three-dimensional image. PET works by detecting gamma rays given off by a radioactive tracer injected into the body. A PET/CT scan requires an injection of a radioactive form of sugar. The injection is radioactive, but only for a short time.

Superior oncology accuracy

Its wide range of features expands clinical capabilities and delivers lesion detectability allowing a higher standard of care to more patients.

State-of the-art medical systems

A large 78cm bore, short 135cm tunnel and 227kg table capacity facilitates the scanning of larger patients, allows for easier patient positioning, and offers space for any additional therapy accessories while ensuring patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their scan.

Increased patient comfort

The system’s water-cooling component eliminates the need for noisy fans and overly cold air conditioning, creating a calm, safe environment for patients.

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