Open and Upright MRI

A unique non-claustrophobic and full weight bearing scanner

Open and Upright MRI permits fully weight-bearing imaging, leading to earlier detection and a more accurate diagnosis in a comfortable, non-claustrophobic environment.

Superior diagnostic capabilities

The unique U-shape allows patients to be scanned in their ‘position of pain’ which is usually that of maximum symptoms, including standing, sitting or lying down. This increases the diagnostic accuracy and clinical relevance of the report.

Maximised comfort

The extra wide space provides a comfortable experience for bariatric patients, those with limited mobility and patients who suffer from claustrophobia, by being a less intimidating environment and ensuring patient comfort.

Friendly environment

The use of Nobel Prize winning technology avoids the need for liquid helium to cool the scanner, making it significantly quieter, safer and more environmentally friendly.

An anxiety free experience

Patients are welcome to view the scanner prior to their appointment and meet our team of expert radiographers who are experienced in relieving any concerns you may have, and ensuring an anxiety free experience with us.

Available at following locations

You're welcome to view the Open MRI scanner prior to your appointment to alleviate any concerns you may have. Our team are experienced with helping those suffering from claustrophobia to have an anxiety free experience at our centres.

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