Advanced CT

A Computed Tomography (CT) scan is a non-invasive examination which uses low-dose x-rays and a computer to produce high-quality images

CT scanners are graded according to the number of slices of the body the x-ray tube can image in one rotation. Many diagnostic imaging units use scanners with 16-64 slice capability; in contrast, European Scanning Centre’s Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition images 640 slices with each rotation, enabling a faster and more detailed examination.

Specialist software unique to the PRISM, provides the best image quality performed at low radiation dose. Offering dose savings of up to 82.4%.

The PRISM is equipped with the world's first deep learning reconstruction which has taken its learning not from artificial sources, but from real patient data.

Increased accuracy

It is able to scan entire organs in a single rotation, avoiding step artefact or the need to ‘stitch’ images together, often leading to obscured images.

Cardiac Imaging

One rotation scanning makes cardiac imaging suitable for a wider group of patients, including those with irregular heart rhythm and those with metal implants (pacemaker wires) something no other CT scanner provides.


The PRISM enables dynamic imaging of joints in the most realistic way possible allowing for more accurate diagnosis of MSK and joint conditions. It is an invaluable diagnostic tool for kinetic injuries.

Perfusion Imaging

The ability to image organ functions, including blood flow to the brain and heart. Its ability to perform high-quality cerebral and cardiac angiography is invaluable in the diagnosis of stenoses, malformations and aneurysms.

Stroke evaluation

The PRISM provides a comprehensive stroke evaluation platform that offers whole brain perfusion imaging in just 60 seconds.


Virtual colonoscopies are able to reveal polyps as small as 4mm and can capture other abnormalities that are easily missed by the more conventional methods of viewing the bowel, such as invasive colonoscopy.

Patient comfort

The extra-wide space and 315kg patient couch capacity ensures a comfortable examination for all patients.

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