Five reasons to have your open MRI at ESC!

April 6, 2021

Rebecca Osborne

For many, the prospect of an MRI scan can be terrifying. Up-to, and sometimes over, 30 minutes in an enclosed tunnel can trigger extreme anxiety.

At European Scanning Centre, we have invested in state-of-the-art, Open and Upright MRI scanners in London, Cardiff and Manchester. This allows even the most claustrophobic of patients to undergo necessary diagnostic imaging. As well as helping those with anxiety, the Open and Upright MRI’s extra wide bore allows comfortable scanning for elderly patients, those with mobility issues and bariatric patients.

1. Fully open above, behind and in front of you.
With no barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, patients can see the room at all times, whilst comfortably seated.

2. Constant communication.
Our radiographers are skilled in assisting all patients to have an anxiety-free experience. Patients and radiographers are in constant contact with one another via an intercom, and patients are given a button to hold for the duration of their scan; if at any point the patient wishes to terminate the examination all they need do is squeeze the button and the radiographers will immediately attend to them.

3. Your choice of music.
During the examination, patients are able to select their choice of music. Patients can relax to the sounds of a tropical beach, or listen to the Top 20! - Anything to ensure the most comforting patient experience.

4. A relaxing environment.
Our centres are a blend of tradition, mixed with ultra-modern equipment; akin to a 5* spa rather than an imaging centre. Our clinics are designed with comfort in mind to enhance the patient experience.

5. Come and see us!
If patients are still unsure about the Open MRI, we are able offer a pre-scan visit to view the scanner and meet the team. We offer the opportunity to sit in the scanner to ensure full comfort on the day of their examination.

For more information, call or email us directly.

Patient greeted at reception desk by smiling member of staff
At European Scanning Centre, we recognise that everyone is an individual with specific needs and concerns regarding their care and investigations.