Your personalised diagnostic imaging experience

Welcome to an unrivaled imaging service

We provide a highly specialised service to patients and referrers. We recognise that everyone is an individual with specific needs and concerns regarding their own care and investigations.

Truly world-class technology

No single imaging modality can optimally scan all parts of the body. In order to provide a comprehensive imaging capability, we have a suite of scanners which is unique in the world. No other centre has our capabilities, which means we can provide a distinctly superior imaging service.

Exceptional staff

We recruit senior experienced radiographers to maximise the potential of the scanners and obtain the best possible image quality. Reporting of images is done by renowned consultant radiologists, each specialist in their field.

Friendly and responsive service

We strive to provide quick and flexible appointments coupled with speedy reporting and a transparent and competitive pricing policy. Our turnaround time for reports is 24-48 hours, although we endeavour whenever possible to arrange rapid reporting for urgent scans.

An emphasis on 5* comfort

We know that patients can be apprehensive about tests and investigations and that the best results are achieved with less anxious patients. We've therefore invested in a highly relaxing and comfortable environment throughout, and a non-clinical atmosphere in and around our scanning rooms.

Their flexible appointment system suits the needs of my patients with first class images, timely and accurate reports.

The whole experience made me feel at ease which was purely down to the staff and the environment.

Innovative and flexible in approach, ESC are always willing to go the extra mile – a speedy and reliable service.